Best Adobe Lightroom alternative:


Capture One Pro

Available for: Windows, Mac

Trial here:



Exposure X5 (was Alien Skin)

Available for: Windows, Mac

Trial here:



DarkTable (Free)

Available for: Mac, Linux, Windows

Download here:




Best Adobe Photoshop alternative:


Affinity Photo

Available for: Windows, Mac and iPad

Trial here:




Do Apple computers get viruses?


Yes.  However, it is less likely for an Apple computer to be infected when compared to a Microsoft Windows computer.


Flashback malware - 2012

OSX/KitM.A virus - 2013


OSX/MaMi -2018




Do I need a backup?

Yes, yes and YES.  Plus, for it to be a proper backup the same files must exist in at least two different places.

The best practise is to keep the original files and then a copy on a NAS, DAS or external HDD and then an off site copy (Cloud backup, offsite NAS or external HDD that is taken off site.


The difference between a NAS & DAS and which is right for me:


NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. It differs from traditional, directly attached storage in that, NAS, the operating system and other software on the NAS product, are dedicated solely to data storage.


 - NAS is available locally on-site and if setup, it can be accessed off-site. More than one user can connect at a time.


 - NAS is good for having access to your data anywhere there is decent internet and when there are 1-10+ users.



DAS stands for Directly Attached Storage. DAS is generally used to differentiate between storage systems directly attached to a server or workstation and NAS.


 - DAS is available locally on-site and is attached to a user's computer. So really, only one person can connect at a time. Unless it is attached to a server, then it can

   have more than one connection at a time.


 - DAS is good for single users in a office or studio or if you already have a server.


 - DAS can also be used to extend the storage of your NAS.


 * QNAP give you both a NAS & DAS in one unit the QNAP Thunderboltâ„¢ 2 NAS.



Mac or Windows?

It used to be that professional artists would be better off using Apple computers but that's not really the case anymore.

Both have pros and cons and it really comes down to personal choice and the software you run.




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